Calls, tasks & calendar

Track customer interactions and appointments with ease

Call status and notes

You can categorize each customer’s call status each period or season, which helps prevent missed orders. Reps and admin staff can leave detailed notes for each call

Activity stream

Keep up to date with the Activity Stream, a real-time feed of changes and updates. See call notes, appointments booked, orders placed, and much more.

Assign customer tasks

ShowroomHQ gives you the ability to create customer account-specific tasks that can be assigned to a particular person. Great to ensure follow-ups actually get done.

Automatic email reminders

Cut down on miscommunication and avoid missed appointments by sending automatic email reminders to customers about their upcoming appointment.

All your events in one calendar

Save yourself the trouble of juggling multiple schedules. Add ShowroomHQ appointments to your mobile device, Outlook, Google Calendar and others.

Company-wide events

You can track company-wide events such as markets and sample sales on the calendar.

"ShowroomHQ has been a welcome change for the organization of our company. Along with the outstanding features, the interface is clean and modern, free of any unnecessary clutter. Overall, we could not be happier with this new system!"
Justine MartinSKOUT Agency
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