Online ordering

Enhance your customers' ordering experience

ShowroomHQ makes the ordering process easy and effective. Your customers can visit your wholesale online showroom, place their orders within a few minutes, and easily keep track of their order status.

Browse collections 24/7

Customers can login 24/7 to your online showroom and browse your brands’ collections

Personalized customer access

Potential customers can apply for an account from your website. Control existing customers’ access to certain brands.

Multi-brand showroom

ShowroomHQ supports selling multiple brands and collections, all browseable from one place

Activity stream

See which buyers logged in, what they looked at, what they favorited and more, right from your dashboard.

Favorite items

Customers can add items they like to their Favorites list if they’re not ready to buy or prefer to order offline.

Order History

Buyers and reps can access detailed order history and email PDF order confirmations.

"This is the most comprehensive tool (and only one of its kind) for our industry."
Tracey KnaptonTracey Knapton, Knapton Agencies
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