Purchase orders

Say goodbye to heaps of paper and illegible handwriting. Efficiently write orders that include detailed descriptions and imagery, with the ability to email the order directly to the customer.

Colors, size scales and seasons

ShowroomHQ can track orders by season, and can handle color variants and product size scales. It’s a breeze to enter multiple color and size options on orders.

Purchase or summary orders

You can enter line-item purchase orders, or more basic summary orders if you only want to track total sales. This can be adjusted on a per-brand/division basis.

Sales commission tracking

Set default commission rates for each brand/division, and set special rates for individual customer and sales reps.

Report on order sources

Interested to know where your sales are coming from? Track the source of each order to gain insights into the major sources of your sales.

Send order confirmations by email

ShowroomHQ generates professional PDF order confirmations with product photos. Send with a click or tap to the customer, brand managers, or manufacturer.

Track shipped and cancelled amounts

Track the difference between the amounts ordered, shipped and cancelled on sales. Identify affected customers and overall brand/division performance.