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Master customer list

Your team can now work off a master customer list, managed from one place – no more overwriting of Excel files or lost lists. Better yet, track which markets each customer attends, categorize them in groups, and see notes and sales history at a glance.

Calls, tasks and calendar

Easily track who has been contacted and who hasn’t. You can categorize each customer’s call status each period or season, which helps prevent missed orders. Book appointments, send appointment reminders and sync with your mobile phone.

Purchase orders

Say goodbye to heaps of paper and illegible handwriting. Efficiently write orders for individual line items that include detailed descriptions and imagery, with the ability to email the order directly to the customer. You can also enter summary orders if your agency does not track line items.

Brands & products

ShowroomHQ allows you to add and manage brands or divisions of items you sell. From there, categorize your merchandise into groups, and customize linesheets to send to your customers!

Email marketing

Send email your customers can’t ignore. ShowroomHQ has easy-to-use email marketing features built right in. Target emails based on who’s bought what, geographic location, and much more.

Reports & analytics

Generate reports that help you understand where your sales are coming from and how profitable they are. ShowroomHQ includes standard reports such as Commission Statements, Top 10 Reports, Performance Reports, Cash Flow Projections, and much more.

"This is the most comprehensive tool (and only one of its kind) for our industry."
Tracey KnaptonTracey Knapton, Knapton Agencies
"I am happy to recommend ShowroomHQ to anyone."
Victoria MurrayYates & Company Ltd.
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