Manage multiple brands effortlessly

Stay in sync with your brands with robust contact, sales, and performance management.

Precisely track brand accountability

Track brand contacts, assign internal brand managers, upload lookbooks, and view consolidated history for system activity across each brand.

Add collections and products with ease

Quickly add products with easy import features to speed up purchase order entry, linesheet creation, and online ordering, including size scales and color variants.

Leverage historical brand transaction data

Quickly and easily identify brands that ship promptly, have low cancellation rates, and drive the highest commissions. 

“ShowroomHQ has been a welcome change for the organization of our company. We could not be happier with this new system!”

Justin Martin, Skout Agency

“There is not one day that I do not use ShowroomHQ to get valuable information that helps me run my business.”

Pierre A.Despatie, FIS

“ShowroomHQ is a very useful tool. Great features, and the company is open to feedback.”

Carol Feinstein, Feinstein Agencies

“This is the most comprehensive tool (and only one of its kind) for our industry.”

Tracey Knapton, Knapton Agencies

“ShowroomHQ’s customer service is outstanding, they are always there to help you out to get the maximum of it.”

Pierre A.Despatie, FIS

Track the retailers you need to re-engage

Avoid missed sales opportunities and safeguard your reputation by easily and efficiently tracking which retailers you need to re-engage with and when.

Unlock the full potential of your multi-line sales business

Explore ShowroomHQ’s full suite of industry-specific features.

Manage Customers

Digitize, organize, and centralize your customer lists, notes, calls and meetings, and client interactions so you get a full view of your relationship history–all in one place.

Brand and Product Tracking

Track, monitor, and assess your highest and lowest-performing brand partners so you can prioritize your efforts accordingly.

Commission Tracking

Keep precise tabs on your incoming commissions, track your outgoing expenses, and get accurate real-time data about your top-line and bottom-line revenue.

Reports and Analytics

Get complete visibility into your performance and growth with ShowroomHQ’s built-in suite of reports and analytics.

Order Creation and Management

Make it easy for your customers to place purchase orders through your online showroom and ensure every transaction is successful with built-in order tracking.

Email Marketing

Generate more sales and remain top-of-mind with your leads and customers using ShowroomHQ’s built-in email marketing platform.

ShowroomHQ insights

News, stories, trends, and expert ideas for independent sales reps and multi-line agencies.

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