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Posted on March 14, 2024

CRM for Seasonal Businesses

The fashion and retail sector can be very seasonal, but that does not mean you should resign to the downturn and wait for things to uptick once again. Just like how professional athletes continue to train during the off-season, your business needs to continue working on improvements during down times to reach peak performance when it matters.

With a CRM you and your sales team can take advantage of the downtime to effectively re-organize to stay on top of your sales game. Shifting gears and focusing on your back-end support as your selling season winds down will pay off especially during hard times as we have seen from the COVID19 pandemic.

How a CRM Can Help Your Seasonal Brand/s Maximize Downtime and Create Opportunities

Customer List Cleanup

You’ve probably built up a massive amount of data with your customer list, some of which may be missing or have incorrect contact information. It’s time to get those cleaned up as you are probably missing out on opportunities at reaching those customers thru your marketing campaigns. Look at this quiet period to shift thru the records to weed out dead leads and to segment your customers into appropriate categories.

Strengthen Customer Relationships

Once you’ve cleaned up your customer list, nurture your database by engaging them thru email marketing. Take the time to thank them for their order and to provide after-sales service. This is also  a goodtime to ask for referrals from happy customers. For new leads, you can reach out to introduce yourself and learn more about their challenges so when it’s selling time, a familiar relationship will already be established.

Goalsetting For Future Success

A quiet period is a great opportunity to review your business goals and objectives, along with undertaking analysis of your past performance. Evaluate the success of the past season and create a game plan to continue the flow next season. ShowroomHQ gives you the capability to forecast sales for each rep, brand and customer. Get your sales team in great shape ready for the next up cycle!

ShowroomHQ's Forecast Sales
ShowroomHQ’s Forecast Sales

Why Choose ShowroomHQ

ShowroomHQ is the CRM you can trust to help you acquire and maintain customers and clients during seasonal downturns. View more about ShowroomHQ’s CRM software and feel free to contact us anytime to schedule a consultation.

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