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Posted on March 14, 2024

3 Most Common Purchase Order Problems

Is your company struggling with purchasing problems? An order management system to access order history and customer’s data is a must-have solution. While mistakes are bound to happen, having a great system in place will minimize them.

Three Typical Purchase Order Challenges and How ShowroomHQ Software Can Help

1. Order Mismanagement

With hundreds of retail customers and multiple brands to write and file orders for, it’s easy to get lost in the mountain of paperwork. You’ll want to ensure your team is able to provide the best service in a timely manner when addressing buyers’ questions about their orders. A CRM system that is capable of linking your customers to their orders will make it easy for you to find the necessary information without skipping a beat. Having orders in a system will also help you keep tabs on changes, cancellations, shipping and payment status making order tracking easy.

2. Data Entry Errors

Does your customer submit their orders by fax, email, or phone? Possibly, you are writing paper orders at tradeshows as fast as you can, sending them to be re-entered into another system. The more hands the orders pass thru, the more opportunities for mistakes to happen. It’s not uncommon to record the wrong product number, quantity or shipping information only to discover the error too little too late.

Minimize human error with ShowroomHQ’s ordering module. The system keeps up-to-date information about your customer and your brands’ products to help you avoid those costly mistakes. With product images added to the purchase order form, you and your buyer can rest assure that the correct product has been ordered. This could save you many headaches having to deal with upset customers and returns later on.

3. Not Utilizing Order Data

Your purchase orders contain heaps of information which can be paramount in strategic business growth. ShowroomHQ’s ordering system can gather and analyze all your orders data to give you insight into important metrics such as best-selling products, top customers, and best performing brands which will give you the competitive advantage when making crucial business decisions. By not investing in a software that can analyze your orders  during and after your sales season, companies miss an opportunity to see where they can improve and where they can double down.

Why Choose ShowroomHQ

ShowroomHQ is the CRM you can trust to help you rise above the challenges listed above and deliver the right products to the right clients on time. View more about ShowroomHQ’s purchase order management software and feel free to contact us anytime to schedule a consultation.

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