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Posted on March 13, 2024

Feature Spotlight : Global Customer Map

Our feature spotlight for this month is our Global Customer Map!

Think of this as the modern, and very portable version of pinning (literally) to a map to mark where an account is located.

Let’s say you have a new customer lead on the phone, and they are inquiring about a line that you rep which you know has exclusives. Instead of flipping through your binders, or scrolling hurridly through your excel spreadsheets, simply type their address into the address search field, and set a radius around its pinned position. All your active accounts will show on the map, giving you a visual of where they are in relation to this new lead. Don’t see any conflicting accounts? Make the sale quickly, and without hesitation!

This is just one example of how a global customer map with all active accounts pinned to it, is a great tool to be able to sell confidently and efficiently.

Key Uses for a Global Customer Map

  • Visualize all of your customers on a global map – note the Leads vs. accounts
  • Filter the map to show only Active Customer’s buying specific brands, by seasons, years, or divisons
  • Show a radius around a pinned customer with a distance set by you
  • Sell to new customer’s confidently knowing there are no conflicts in the area
  • Planning a road trip to visit your stores? See which routes to take to optimize the visits from store to store

Have ideas on how we can make this feature even better? Email us at – we’d love to hear your feedback!

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