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Posted on March 14, 2024

How Digital Transformation in the Fashion Industry Begins With a Better CRM

Every industry wanting to evolve for future success must adapt to changing technology. Digital transformation allows fashion brands to work through operational challenges, take their customer service to the next level and discover areas of opportunities. Companies who do not keep pace with the latest technological developments and changes will fail to thrive in this age of digitalization. To stand out and beat the competition, businesses must invest in an advanced CRM.

Why Adoption of an Advanced CRM is the Foundation to Successful Digital Transformation in the Fashion Industry

Access Customer Data Anytime, Anywhere

The ultimate challenge for sales reps is to not lag behind buyer’s expectations when it comes to customer service. An advanced fashion CRM will not only keep you organized and save you time, but it is also cost-effective in the long run. Sales reps report saving at least 1 hour a day using a CRM to manage their daily activities. This time can now be spent on selling and building stronger long term relationships with their buyers which will lead to long term profitability. 

Self-checkout Wholesale Portal Increases Sales

In today’s fashion climate, a digital wholesale buying portal has become the norm. The digital economy requires that buyers are able to view collections and place purchase orders anytime. Make the digital transition simpler with a platform that connects the ordering portal to the customer’s database. You’ll no longer need to search orders for a customer as they’ll all be visible under the customer’s account.

Ability to Tailor Your Sales Plan

The availability of data and analytics can be used by fashion sales teams to tailor their sales and marketing approach for their wholesale customer. Sales managers can study the retailer’s buying patterns and use email campaigns to focus and refine their message and make informed decisions leading to success.

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