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Posted on March 14, 2024

How Sales Reps Spend Their Time

In order to keep a steady flow of opportunities, sales reps need to continually source and nurture relationships with new leads and existing retailers. With only so many hours in a day, it can be tricky to do these well. So, how do the top sales reps manage it?

The best sales reps stand out from the crowd by placing their efforts on priorities which yields the most returns. These include activities such as prospecting, calls and visits to existing retailers, email marketing, and trade show presentations. The endless list of tasks for lead and account, it is easy to get overwhelmed and forget what was said and done for whom. This is where the right CRM software can make you a sales superstar.

What Your Company Can Learn About How Sales Reps Spend Their Time, and How the Right CRM Software Can Make a Difference

Studies have shown that sales reps actually spend only 30% of their time selling with the rest of their time allocated for administration at 20%, order processing at 15% and other (ie: sales research/ planning/ travel, etc…) at 30%. In this post, we will go over some non-revenue generating activities and how ShowroomHQ Fashion CRM can help you save time in these areas.

Pipeline Management

Sales reps need to prioritize their leads and accounts to increase their chances of successfully closing a sale. A CRM can help sort and tag customers to place them in opportunity groups and give them quick access to the buyer’s customer history, notes, orders and communications for their next outreach.

Once it is known which leads and accounts to focus on, sales reps can use ShowroomHQ’s bulk email feature to send out sales collateral such as linesheets and catalogues. Sales reps should also utilize reports and analytic tools to pull data that will help with sales planning and forecasting to positively impact future sales.


Administrative tasks dominate sales reps’ time. It’s the one single area all reps can agree that they’d like to see a reduction in time involved. In this modern technological world, there are many available sales tools at our disposal however  using too many can also make your work more tedious than it needs to be.

You could eliminate the frustration by using an all-in-one solution like ShowroomHQ which integrates the master customer list with tasks, appointments, email marketing, and order processing. The amount of time spent switching between different platforms will be greatly reduced.

Order Processing

Using technology to build a digital collection not only saves time when fulfilling a customer’s orders but also reduces human errors when writing or typing up an order.

ShowroomHQ allows you to place collections accessible to your buyer in an online showroom. This gives your buyers the ability browse the catalogues and place orders at their convenience which would also eliminate the need for you to enter the order. In the event that you have a product not make it to production, you can easily pull up all the orders for the product and offer up a replacement relevant for your retailer’s order.

Why Choose ShowroomHQ

ShowroomHQ is the CRM you can trust to help you keep customers and even increase retail sales despite any uncertainty in the economic environment. View more about ShowroomHQ’s CRM software and feel free to contact us anytime to schedule a consultation.

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